13 Feb 2014

the best foods are found in Hong Kong... confectionary edition

If you thought Hong Kong had cute stationery and stickers, then you will probably like the fact that snack foods are wrapped in aesthetically well-designed packaging too. I will be doing another post focussing entirely on cute sweet packaging soon too so keep your eye out for that.

First up, some Japanese soda candy. If you've ever tried Japanese soda, you'll know that it can come in glass bottles with a marble top where the marble keeps the air in and to open the bottle, you have to press down the marble. The sweets on the right of the image below taste the same as the soda and although the bottle is the same design as the drink, there is no marble top so they are very easy to open. I don't really know what to compare them to (in terms of sweets you can find in the UK) so I won't even try.

In the image below, there are chewy sweets, chocolate crisp sweets (kind of like crispy M&Ms) and oreo wafers. The boxes at the bottom are also chewy sweets but don't you love how adorable the packaging is?!

If you've ever tried Meltykiss, I found a cheaper version from the Edo Pack brand.

I looked all over the place for pretzel M&Ms but to no avail unfortunately (maybe I was looking in the wrong place) but I did find peanut butter ones. How I wish they had these in the UK!

I also found Goldfish in some interesting flavours: Vanilla Cupcake, Grahams S'mores and Graham's Fudge Brownie. Can I get a 'yum'?!

In the UK, you'll be able to find Pocky but most probably only in more 'boring' flavours, such as chocolate or strawberry. There were a lot more flavours to choose from in HK though:

They also have biscuit sticks from other brands in other interesting flavours:

But best of all, I found some Hershey's chocolate!

They also had Hershey's Kisses... something I found I couldn't leave a shop without:

Hong Kong is definitely a haven if you love food as much as I do. I wouldn't say I have a particularly sweet tooth but the sheer array and variety of snack foods available in Hong Kong is something I sorely miss since my (what felt like) brief two week trip.


  1. I can send you more Hershey's Cookie and Chocolate bar!!! :) We have a lot here in the states!!!

  2. Peanut Butter M&M's are my favorite! I wish they still sold them in the U.S. :(