30 Nov 2014

my week #137

It's been a weird week. Whilst it seemed to go by exceedingly slowly, it also seemed to pass by in a blink of an eye - hard to explain but when I look back, I do think 'where has the time gone?'. Maybe I've just managed to keep myself busy without even realising it.

Now that we're almost in December, I have my Christmas cards at the ready! It is also less than four weeks until Christmas and I am totally excited for a bit of R&R. I spent yesterday tidying and decluttering my room and I still have a long way to go. Although I threw out three bags of things to be recycled and two bags of rubbish, I feel like there is still more I can get rid of and having already bookmarked a date during the holidays to declutter again, I am sure I will be able to purge more non-essential items.

Today, my plan is to get some studying done as I did none yesterday because we all need a day that is completely unrelated to what we do on a daily basis :)

How has your week been?


  1. Is that a pink Finsbury? That's what I use and I just love my Miss Pink Finnie as I call her.

    1. Hiya, no it's a Smythson organiser :) similar colour though! x

  2. My week has been the same way! I manged to keep my self very busy and it went by very quickly!