14 Dec 2014

my week #139

Not much to say apart from the fact that I came down with flu symptoms late on Wednesday night and it escalated into proper flu on Thursday and Friday (peak temperature of 38.8 celsius! New record!). It calmed down a bit yesterday but there's now an annoying cough! I did have my flu vaccination back in late September so it appears that it might have helped with making this flu disappear quicker than it may have otherwise done (the last time I had flu, I had a fever for four days).

Other than this, only one more week of uni to go until the Christmas holidays! And boy, do I need this holiday. The fact that my immune system is shot shows just how much I need a break - it's been non-stop for me since April (my last proper break).

How has your week been?


  1. Hi Angela! I hope you are feeling better? I'm a teacher so I finish work this Friday too - I think we are all in need of a much needed break! What planner are you using? It looks so pretty!

    Charlie x


    1. Thanks Charlie! Still not great but getting better slowly :) The planner above is a Smythson binder but the inserts are Filofax :) x