28 Dec 2014

my week #141 - christmas week!

Christmas week! I finally managed to stop doing uni work on Christmas (about time, considering my first term ended on the 19th!) and had some festive fun with my family. My sister and I spent most of the day preparing the dinner and I definitely skipped lunch to ensure that there was enough room in my belly for the extortionate amount of food that we'd be serving!

It's been snowing in some parts of the UK but unfortunately, there was none where I am - not that it's a bad thing; everything comes to a standstill when snow falls here.

How was your Christmas week?


  1. I'm so glad you had a great Christmas Angela! <3 I'm in Australia so it never snows here, but I've learnt to live with it. XD Did you get any nice gifts? :)

    1. Hi Alice! Thanks - hope you also had a good Christmas :) One of my 'to do before I die' things is to spend a Christmas in Australia - I'm particularly drawn to Melbourne so maybe one year!

      I didn't ask for any gifts this year because as slushy as it sounds, all I wanted was to have the family together :)

  2. Always always skip lunch when you know it's going to be a big dinner! There's no sense in filling up on the not-nearly-ad-delicious foods, ha!!

  3. Hi Angela. It's my first time here. Love what I have read and seen so far and I am passionate about stationery, papers, and dressing up my desk. Hope to hear from you. Happy New Year! :)

    Greetings from Malaysia.