20 Apr 2017

book: this is now by Ciara Geraghty

In 2015, I reviewed Now That I've Found You by Ciara Geraghty and today, I'm back with a review about her latest offering, This Is Now. This Is Now focuses on four characters: Cillian, Roman, Martha and Tobias. They are all connected through a bank robbery but over the course of the book, you learn more about the backstory of each character.

Like my other review, I think the book is very well written. Each of the characters have their flaws and the author makes no effort to disguise this which makes them all endearing in their own ways. I found myself rooting for Martha even though she was probably one of the more messed up characters! The book could easily have been made up of one or two separate plot lines once the robbery part is over and done with but Ciara Geraghty had a way of keeping at least two or three of them linked at any one time.

I would describe This Is Now as a feel good book about four characters linked by a sliver of a thread. There is just enough drama for their lives to seem realistic but possibly not enough for some readers. Overall, a solid 7.6/10 - this one edges it over Now That I've Found You for me.

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