16 May 2017

korean make-up mini reviews: face and cheeks

For the last eighteen months, I've grown an obsession with Korean Beauty products. Today, I thought it'd be nice to talk about some of the make-up products which aren't expensive and work extremely well. Here are a few brief reviews.

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in No. 21

Western BB creams tend to look quite orange on me, even when I opt for the lightest shade but this Missha BB cream is perfect. It evens skin tone, covers blemishes to an extraordinary amount (you'll still need a little bit of concealer) and stays put for a whole day. My skin is pretty oily but I haven't had any issues with it slipping, even after a 14-hour day. The only complaint I have is that it looks a bit grey when it first goes on but the finishing powder I use (not a Korean product) does a good job at counteracting that. 

Also, this tube has lasted forever as a little goes a long way. 

Skin Food Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder

My sister bought me this when she was in Korea and it means I'm not spoilt for choice for clear setting powders. This one smells like peach and keeps my face looking matte during the day. No complaints!

Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder

Another favourite among the Asian Beauty community on Reddit. This was my first ever setting powder but I don't like how it can make patches of my face look white and chalky. 

Tony Moly Cat's Wink Clear Pact

A gift from my sister again from Korea! Smells delightful and is super cute as well! It's definitely more travel friendly than the Skin Food and Innisfree offerings. It is slim and has a mirror - something the other two don't have.

IOPE Air Cushion XP in No. 21

This is the perfect colour match for the winter when my skin is at its palest. I love the portability - it has a mirror and a cushion included and it applies very well. It doesn't make my face look cakey and has a pleasant smell to it. One of my favourites for those lighter coverage days though it is buildable if you want a higher level of coverage too.

Various A'pieu Cushion Blushers 

Yet another gift from my sister from her holiday in Seoul! It has a mirror inside too and isn't the outside just adorable? Sometimes we have one of those days where we need a bit of cheering up. They are pretty pigmented and one or two dabs on each cheek is usually enough to add a bit of colour to my face. Again, I love the smell of them!

I also have some eye and lip products too which I'll talk about in a month's time or so. Basically, I'm a huge fan of Korean beauty products and just wanted to share the love :)

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  1. Such pretty packaging, I'm a sucker for cuteness! Zoe xoxo