24 Jul 2013

laura ashley a/w13 press day

Last month, I attended the Laura Ashley A/W13 Press Day. Having never attended a press day before, I had no idea what I was letting myself into! It was held at Il Bottaccio, near Hyde Park, so to return to an area I love so much (West London, I miss you!) had me in a great mood the moment I stepped off the train at Victoria and walked up Grosvenor Place. 

Anyway, I took plenty of pictures of my favourite Laura Ashley items and here they are for you all to see :)

First up; look at this rail of clothing! I wish every single garment was mine - the colours would fit in so well with my existing wardrobe and the prints are right up my street.

I also love this tweed jacket:

Leading from this small room of fashion-related goods were two larger rooms of things focussed on the home decoration category of products. And within these two rooms were some very beautiful items.

Just look at that chandelier (it had me thinking 'how can I persuade myself that this would be perfect for my bedroom?!'):

And the cute items in the next picture that could instantly spruce up a plain room. I just love the duck doorstop!

Because the Laura Ashley brand is sixty years old this year, there was a room dedicated to celebrating this. In this room, there was a board detailing the important events of the past sixty years and it sure did make a fascinating read.

There was a board dedicated to each decade and here was my favourite one:

But I also loved the board showcasing the more recent decades:

Another great feature was a display of prints from the past and the present:

More prints, candles and mugs (I want them all!):

Finally, my favourite display: the duck egg blue themed bedroom. I felt that the furniture really complimented the vintage-feel of the duck egg blue colour.

Oh, how I wish the bedroom on display was actually my own proper bedroom!

My favourite item in the bedroom just had to be this armchair. It's neutral in design and looks ever so comfy and I can just imagine sitting on it, on a warm summer evening, my legs curled up under my body with my Kindle in one hand and a cool drink in the other.

I have always loved and admired the Laura Ashley brand and products they have to offer. To see them like this, firsthand, was a pleasure and I'm pretty sure I fell in love with pretty much the majority of the items on show.

Thank you, Marin at Green Light Digital for inviting me to the press day :)


  1. Wow! Such an amazing event! You are so lucky to have gone. :) I love Laura Ashley and would've really enjoyed it! :D

    1. It was a lovely afternoon :) seeing everything firsthand made me wish I had the £££ to deck out my whole house in Laura Ashley haha x

  2. I've probably said this before but that doesn't matter, your photos are really amazing!

    1. Aw thanks :) These photos were taken on my phone as well! x

  3. That bedroom furniture is just gorgeous. Now, I want to redecorate my bedroom.

    1. I know, right?! I walked in and just thought 'oh my goodness, I want it ALL!' haha x