4 Jul 2017

graduation gifts to mark a milestone

With graduation just around the corner now, I thought it would be nice to do a mini graduation gift guide. For this gift guide, I decided to look at pricier items (sorry, not sorry).


1. A luxury diary from Smythson
Hit the ground running in your new career with a Smythson planner which'll keep you organised and looking chic. With its cornflower blue pages and contrasting bright orange colour, you'll never forget to take this everywhere with you. The only problem will be that once the year is over, you'll really want another one...

2. Pelikan Souveran M400 Fountain Pen
So I'm slightly biased here as I have this pen (it was a 25th birthday gift to myself!) and it's such a lovely pen to use. It's beautiful, sophisticated and feels like such a luxury each time you use it.

3. Smythson Panama Cosmetics Case (can also be used to store stationery!)
I love Smythson goods (can you tell?) and this cosmetics case would be just lovely in your handbag. It is versatile and if you'd prefer to keep pens and other stationery items in, I'm sure it'll last you a good many years.

4. Pilot Capless Decimo Fountain Pen
Another fountain pen, but this time, a capless one! This is the more lightweight version of the original Capless and if the reviews are to be believed, just as dependable and smooth a writer.

5. Aspinal of London Organiser
If you prefer to customise the contents of your daily planner, this might be the one for you. You can also have the option of having it engraved with your name, initials, your pet's name... Pretty much anything you want!

6. Midori One Year Diary
Finally, a one year diary. When I start my job in August, I plan on writing a few lines every day as an emotional outlet. Also good for those who like keeping a journal :)

Beauty and Fashion

1. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit in Surreal Light
A popular palette in the beauty world and a nice luxury gift for someone into their make-up. It also looks very pretty with its marble pattern packaging.

2. Liberty London Silk Scarf
The iconic Liberty scarf :) Good for someone into their fashion and labels!

3. Mikimoto Pearl Earrings
Pearl earrings are a timeless classic and these ones have a clover design to them just above the pearl. A good gift for pretty much anyone who has their ears pierced! They are work safe and will also look good for an evening/night out so they'll get plenty of wear.

4. Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume
I'm biased here as I've been wearing this perfume for the last six years and it is my go-to fragrance. However, alternatives could be a Jo Malone perfume or even a custom one made at a boutique perfumery.

5. A Tiffany Necklace
A classic graduation gift here and only included because its so cliché! I'm not a fan of them personally but their simple design means that they are also timeless and go with pretty much any outfit.


1. Fornasetti Profumi Sol Di Capri Scented Candle
Whilst browsing the Harrods website, I found these candles from Fornasetti Profumi. The packaging is just so pretty (there are many other designs) and once the candle has been burnt, they can be re-used for something else, such as storing little trinkets in.

2. Johnston's of Elgin Cashmere Throw
A soft throw is an excellent addition to a bedroom or a living space that is crying out for something a little extra. This cashmere one will keep you warm and look good while doing so.

3. Neom Happiness Reed Diffuser
If candles aren't your thing, how about a reed diffuser? Great for those of us who are too lazy and accident prone to burn a candle!

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