16 May 2018

introducing: the wing sung 3001 green fountain pen in a fine nib review

Wing Sung may not be a brand you're familiar with if you're a frequent browser of mainstream pen sites. However, they are actually a pretty decent brand who produce good quality pens at a approachable price point for most.

Today, I have the 3001 to show off - it cost me around £3 including postage (the only negative being that it came all the way from China, boo for not supporting a local business). It came with an international converter, which on its own, can be worth a few bob! Another thing it came with was an extra nib section - so you have the choice of a extra fine nib or a fine. I opted to use the fine nib.


The 3001 is a really classic design with a somewhat vintage air for a modern pen. The green colour is a lovely forest green and the gold accents make it look more expensive than it actually is. The design is unisex and simple enough to be used as an every day carry without being overly flashy.


Incredibly lightweight in hand and equally balanced posted or unposted, it is comfortable to hold for long writing sessions. The cartridge/converter system means that it is the perfect pen for most beginners and even most seasoned users. The screw cap unscrews with ease and adds that extra level of security. However, the one downside is that if you've been storing the pen nib up for a bit, it can take a while to start up again when you decide to write with it.


The gold nib is just for show (what did you expect for a £3 pen?). One point of interest is that the feed is transparent which I've never seen before. With the feed the way it is, you can actually watch the ink flow down it during the initial inking. The fact it comes with two nibs mean that you'll always have a back-up if one fails on you. Both nibs write incredibly smoothly with little to no feedback.


As mentioned before, ridiculously good. Comes with two nibs and an international converter!


This is a good pen to gift someone as their first fountain pen. It is also good for someone looking for a cheap and high functioning every day carry or someone who wants to try out some of the better known Chinese brands (the others being Hero and Jin Hao). I personally think Wing Sung is the best of the current Chinese brands out there and this pen is the perfect example of that. There's not really much wrong with this pen for most but for me, the fact it takes a while to start writing if stored nib up is a bit of a deal breaker (but then again, I'll happily admit that I'm a fairly tricky customer!).

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  1. Thank you, Angela. Nice review. I just ordered one.