7 Nov 2018

rhodia A5 lined pad in black

Rhodia is a name bandied around a lot by fountain pen users. The paper takes fountain pen ink extraordinarily well which kinda explains its popularity. I'm a big fan of handwriting things and needed something in between rubbish cartridge paper used for printing and the 100gsm+ paper used for writing important letters by hand. This is where this A5 comes into play. It offers me high quality paper for those letters that aren't extremely important but don't deserve to be written on printer paper either.

The paper is a bright white colour with faint greyish-blue horizontal lines and a single pink one used vertically to denote the left margin.

As you can see below, there is no show through, bleeding or adverse reaction to fountain pen ink. Though, if you've ever used Rhodia paper, you'd expect nothing less.

These pads are priced well too - this one was bought for £2.50 from Paperchase and has 80 perforated sheets. And if you're a student, well, there's also 10% off. For now, I'll leave the pictures to do the talking...

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