19 Dec 2018

introducing: the wing sung 698 piston filler fountain pen in lake blue, fine nib

Wing Sung is a brand that has been around for a while. However, up until a year ago, I had not tried any of their offerings. But then, I started reading positive reviews for certain models - including this one, the 698 with a piston filler. The lake blue colour with gold colour trims were enough to entice me and an order was placed. A week or two later, this beauty arrived in my hands from China.

There are nice little touches to the design, including the top of the pen cap where there is a 'starburst' kind of feature to it and the small window to see when you're running low on ink. This ink window is only visible when uncapped too. It has a minimalistic air to it without being too plain.

The plastic barrel means that it is lightweight in the hand and a pleasure to use for long writing sessions.  The cap stays on securely with the screw-on design but it is not possible to post the cap unfortunately. This proved to be a deal-breaker for me as it was originally bought to be used for work purposes but the fact the pen cannot be used with the cap posted meant this idea was vetoed. A shame as it is an almost perfect pen for me.

The nib is gold in colour and writes exceptionally smoothly. As always, I chose the fine nib. It wrote brilliantly out of the box and absolutely no complaints whatsoever about the nib.

As you can see with the writing sample above, the pen writes a fine line (just about fine enough for me!) with no skips and a good amount of ink laid down with each stroke.

It holds an awful lot of ink and even those who write a lot will likely find themselves not having to refill too often. Perfect if you're laid back about that sort of thing!

Overall, 9/10 . If the cap could be posted, it would definitely be a 10/10.

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