17 Apr 2019

katie leamon lay-flat notebooks

Most of you probably know this but I am currently a Foundation Year two (FY2) doctor within the NHS. After an FY2 year, some doctors choose to go into specialty training - that is choose what to specialise in, be that surgery, medicine, A&E, GP, etc. More and more FY2s are choosing to do a gap year, or an 'FY3' year which is not counted towards training. I know of people who have even done two or three gap years before going into specialty training.

Anyway, I have opted to take a 'gap' FY3 year and have secured a role combining my clinical interests (Emergency Medicine) with some education bits and bobs. I'm very much looking forward to it as the job description sounded like my perfect job so when I received the job offer, I was pretty much over the moon.

A new job and new role calls for new stationery (as always) and I knew a dedicated notebook would be ideal for it. There will be a fair few projects on the go within the job and this notebook will help me stay on top of things (along with my planner... but more on that in the coming weeks).

What I wanted was a notebook which has a substantial number of pages, can lie flat but also have paper of a high enough quality to take fountain pen ink. Enter... Katie Leamon.

This notebook claims to lie flat, contains 300 pages and has 90gsm paper. I chose the yellow one to try and bring some sunshine into my life ;)

First impressions are as follows:

1. This notebook definitely lies flat. And astoundingly so.

2. The 90gsm paper is amazing - barely any showthrough, a small amount of bleeding (but not enough to bother me) and is smooth with my fountain pens gliding on it like butter.

3. The plain pages are ideal for drawing arrows from one thing to another, noting down diagrams and gives me the freedom to use the pages how I please. Perfect for project management!

4. Love at first sight!

It's rare to find a notebook which ticks all the boxes as often, I have to compromise on one of them: be it the number of pages, the quality of the paper or its ability to lie flat (without being a spiral bound notebook).

I've written a few pages of notes in it already and though I can't show those, believe me when I say that this notebook is one that has me liking it more and more with each use.

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