20 May 2011

homemade paperclips!

I made some paperclips using some craft stuff I found in my local W Boyes (a store that sells odds and ends it seems). They certainly brightened up my revision! Here are a few pictures to show them off.


  1. LOVE THIS! What a great idea! Details - I need more details! :)

  2. The paper clips are look so cute and authentic! Also, out of curiosity, how do you organize your notes for school (and I don't mean how you write it in your agenda, I've already read all of those :P)?

  3. The clips are basically small wooden pegs and the birds and flowers are things meant for scrapbooking (I think, don't quote me on that!).

    And with regards to my lecture notes, I'll do a post on that for you soon, Jennifer :)