26 May 2011

what's in my bag #5

Haven't done one of these in a while! A lot has changed since my last 'what's in my bag' post back in October. (the 6th one in November didn't seem to work? Will correct sometime in the near future though).

What's in your bag? Feel free to do a post on what is in your bag and leave me a link in my comments so I can have a look too! I love seeing what other people have in their bags so I can come to the realisation that I have too much/could add more to it!


  1. I love these posts! But the link to your bag doesn't seem to be working. :( It says I don't have permission to view the photo.

  2. Fixed now, Kaitlyn :)

    Sorry about that, I seem to make a habit of uploading photos and setting them to private...