1 May 2013

april review


My April Happiness Project goal was to have more energy and to exercise more. I think I definitely achieved this through ample netball training and matches. The last time I played netball was in October 2011 as I opted to play squash during my last year of uni instead. Then, after graduation, I had an operation in November (as there is no netball between June and September where I was at the time) so that meant no sport for another two-three months (making it May 2012 the last time I had played any proper sport!).

Anyway, after moving down to Surrey, I decided to get back into the netball swing of things and from the way things have been, I think I have quite a good level of basic fitness. I feel able to run out full  high-intensity matches (60 minutes for those who don't know) but I know that I am still a bit away from my optimal level of fitness.

You might have seen this picture before in this blog post.

With all of this netball in the month of April, I have actually felt more energetic than the months where I didn't do any proper sport. And as a result, I have got a lot of re-decoration done at home. My room is almost finished now (just the wardrobes left to put in - a weekend's work!) and I will be blogging about my room's transformation in a few weeks' hopefully, so sit tight.


And this month's essentials?

1) Clothes for Painting In

These have been invaluable this month! My washing machine has been quite good at getting paint out of those designated 'painting clothes' too though!

2) Smythson Organiser 

This was quite a important essential for me this month because the use of a planner allowed me to stay on top of any re-decoration I was doing, social events and also netball. Without it, things probably wouldn't have been done in a logical order nor as efficiently as possible.

3) Nail File

Not only was this of importance when it came to netball, it also meant I avoided the dreaded broken nails that would have undoubtedly arisen through all of the re-decoration we are doing at the moment. I'm the one doing most of the painting (my mum only helps here and there as I won't allow her to do too much - after all, I'm the one with a young and agile body :) ) and also the one who stripped the carpets amongst other potential nail-breaking work.


  1. As a nail freak I must say my heart stopped for a while when I saw metal nail file ;) it makes more damage to your nails than you can imagine. Did you consider using paper or (what would be the best for your nails) glass file?

    1. What damage does it do? I had no idea!! I used to use nail clippers but I always clipped my nails too short and it would hurt for a few days after :( x

    2. It causes spliting of the nail in layers and makes the nail weaker, as well as clipping it. When I'll have a bit more time I try find some proper article about in english and I'll leave the link here for you :)

    3. Ah ok - that makes sense as when I file, there is another 'layer' of nail which isn't filed away (if that makes sense)! Will be intrigued to find out more as I always thought filing was better than clipping hehe x

    4. Sorry to butt in but have you tried the Leighton Denny Crystal nailfile? Its amazing! Its about £12.50 but is literally the best ever, sure its got some lifetime guarantee or something too? Hope that helps x

    5. Ooh, will have to research it :) thanks for the tip! x

  2. I love the planner, I do something similar but in my computer and sometimes when I don't have it around I can't remember my pending stuff. Will try to do something similar to yours at home, I'm sure it will work better, thanks for the idea

    1. Thanks! Ah, I could never use a computer for planning as it's not as portable as a physical diary - which is the point you also make in your comment. Hope it works out for you! x