3 Apr 2013

resolutions check-in

So, a quarter of the year has now passed (how?!) and I feel this is a good time to review my resolutions for 2013. I think that with goals and resolutions, it is important to continuously remind yourself of them and also review progress.

My resolutions were:

  • No shopping
  • To keep a 'One Line A Day' diary
  • Do a 'Book Challenge' - read 52 books in 2013
  • Exercise more

Firstly, no shopping.

My Six Items or Less challenge - more on this soon!
This was mainly in relation to clothes, shoes, handbags and other wardrobe related things. In fairness, I have been quite good at this one! I have only bought one dress (it was in the sale with a massive discount and I have wanted it since September of last year) and have not been tempted to dig out the old debit or credit card to purchase more. Hopefully, I can keep this up for the rest of the year as moving house and packing has made me realise how much I really have (and that I need to sell on eBay!).

Further to this, I recently did a 'Six Items or Less' challenge - more of which will be in a separate post. This is another effort to try and curb spending.

Although I have broken this one, I'm still going to persevere with it as I feel that the way I broke it wasn't too bad (after all, it was for a dress I have wanted for ages) and it didn't cause a severe dent in my bank balance (am I clutching at straws here?!).

Next, to keep a 'One Line A Day' diary has been a complete and utter failure.

Examples of 'journalling' in my planner.
I find it quite boring and that just by journaling a little in my daily planner, I am effectively doing the same thing but in a prettier and more creative way. All in all, this is one resolution or challenge that I will be breaking and not continuing with. Maybe I will try again next year, but I doubt it. I just find it a bit dull and not really my cup of tea.

However, my book challenge has been going well. I am one week ahead, so that means I have read fourteen books whereas we've only had thirteen weeks of the year so far.

I'll be the first to admit that I have bad taste in books... However, in my defence, I am trying to broaden the genres I read!
And I've not been cheating and reading short novels either - all of the books I have read are around 300 - 400 pages each. I guess having a Kindle really helps as there really is no excuse not to read when it is so light to carry around.

Finally, to exercise more is one that I have only made progress on in the past month.

Trainers and sports tops!
Prior to that, I didn't feel like I'd recovered enough from my operation, physically, to do anything strenuous but I'm glad I took the leap and went back to netball. I have started training with a new club and although it was hard to begin with (my body would ache for days after), it has been worth it. I've been missing netball for quite some time now and I am so glad to return to it.

All in all, I have stuck to my resolutions apart from one. I don't mind about the diary one that I have broken so far because I didn't know if I would enjoy it and so, I've used that as an experiment for goal setting in the future (now I know to try something before committing to it!). I knew that to read more, exercise more and not shop would be things that I could realistically achieve and that is why I have opted to try and do them for this year, in the hope of continuing a routine for future years.


  1. A quarter- oh god. You're doing really well! I think I need to take a peek at my resolutions again :') <3

    1. I know, can't believe it's been 25% of 2013 already! And thank you! I think regularly reminding yourself of the resolutions really help - oh, and the fact I only have a handful to remember :-) good luck with yours for the rest of the year hehe xxx

  2. Really enjoyed reading this :) saying that out loud 'a quarter' really makes it sound so much more real. Reading books is on my list of things to do this year too, and it'd been going well until a Dickens book for my course which really slowed things down (look forward to getting this assignment done with!). I'm intrigued by the six items or less :) and if you do happen to Ebay your items - link it here!! I definitely need a clear out too, I find it so hard to part with things though! xx

    1. Aw thank you! I know, a quarter does sound scary, but a half sounds even scarier (end of June-time!)! Ahh I've always found books by Charles Dickens to be a slow-read - hope you get over that hurdle soon so you can blitz through more books :-)

      The six items or less post is coming tomorrow (I think!). It was fun to do it but very, very hard! Definitely worthwhile though. I don't think I will be ebaying for a few weeks' yet as I need to paint my room, get wardrobes and then hang everything up before I decide on what to sell, etc. Clearing out is such a good feeling though and I can definitely understand you finding it hard to part with things - I'm the same! xxx

  3. You have a beautiful wardrobe.

    I bet this was so difficult.
    I worry about getting rid of things incase they come back into fashion!


    1. Aw thank you! It was really hard to do the Six Items or Less challenge but I think I did ok. I definitely did better than expected as I didn't break the rules once! :) And I know that feeling so for the past two years, I've just tried to buy clothes that are timeless and so will last me for a good few years :) x