2 Jan 2014

my 2014 set-up

There is no Filofax Week Round-Up post this week as I am taking a brief hiatus! Instead, I have written this post on how I have decided to organise my life in 2014.

This year, I have a choice of using my Kate Spade, Smythson, Slimline Deco or Compact Metropol. I haven't decided yet and I do feel very attached to the Metropol...

As for diary inserts, I have opted for Filofax white 'week-on-two-page' inserts. Here is how they look:

I actually really like how the colours stand out on the white paper and although the paper quality is rubbish, the big spaces for the weekdays are something I definitely could have done with during the first term of medschool.

For notepaper, I have decided to use up some old Kate Spade diary inserts (2012 ones!). I have covered the bits that have date-related things on and although it doesn't look perfect, I can live with it as the paper quality is amazing! It seemed like such a waste to throw them out.

As with last year, I have opted to use some 'to-do list' inserts again:

Finally, I have also decided to use my iPad's Reminders app to keep track of the many things I need to do in various parts of my life. I thought I would give the app a go as I've been quite unfair on technology in the chance and I do like the design of the app. We'll see how this experiment goes...

All in all, I'm excited for 2014. Although my social life is pretty much non-existent due to a never-ending mountain of work every week, I am enjoying every second of it all and I think 2014 will be an even better year for me :)

How have you decided to organise your life in 2014?


  1. Happy New Year Angela!

    I need 2014 to be the year of organization, so I'm using the MARK'S Storage.It 2014 A5 Vertical International Planner (for every event) and a smaller pocket sized Tintin agenda (for due dates/work schedules/paydays). I'm also using iCal (again, for everything as a backup if I lose my agenda) and the iStudiezPro app (for all things school related) with my Macbook/iPad mini/iPhone. At first when I thought about doing it in December it seemed like a lot of work, but I definitely forgot less events when I backed them up so many times.

    Good luck to you in the New Year!

  2. I'm continuing to use my organiser from Paperchase which has served me well so far (http://deardaffodils.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/paperchase-haul.html). I would really like to try a Filofax though. ♥ I love the Kate Spade organisers though.

    Happy new year. :)

    Abigail x

  3. Happy New Year Angela!

    Forever jealous of your set-ups... I've recently decided to opt away from Filofax for the time being, and I've got my hands on an undated diary with yearly, monthly, weekly and daily sheets in. I can't wait to fill it up and out, and share my own set-up! (:

  4. Happy new year from New York!

    I'm looking forward to getting even more organised this year, but my planner refill is in the mail… arf… I'm so excited for it to arrive! I'm hoping to join you with My Week posts this year!

    Joey x

  5. I just got a Kate Spade planner and am planning on using that for the year! I'm so excited about it. Happy 2014! I can't wait to hopefully join the My week posts!


  6. I love the idea of using up the old diary inserts as notepaper! So resourceful and a good excuse to washi it up! I might do the same, I recently bought a new Domino (on clearance) that has expired diary inserts and i was going to throw them out (well, actually I did, theyre sitting at the top of my waste basket under my desk right now)

  7. Female pelvis and... death?! Haha, not two topics I thought I'd see together.

    Love the new set up, I think the white looks a lot cleaner and nicer :) xx

  8. I've just this year begun using the lined version of wo2p and LOVE them, it seems to control my rather large handwriting

  9. I just bought myself a Kate Spade and I also got an Original Filofax!!! :) Excited!!! Now which to use lol!!!