9 Jan 2014

the last two weeks of 2013

My holiday period was spent in Hong Kong - hence my brief hiatus. As I had scheduled the 'my week' posts for this time, you only saw the pre-filled in version and so, I thought I'd show off the used version.

Here is the after version of week 88.

And here is week 89.

I hope your holiday period was as good as mine. Although Hong Kong was colder than the UK (how is that even possible?!), I had a fantastic time seeing friends and family - all thanks to my parents for this amazing Christmas present :-)


  1. your handwriting is so cute :)

  2. How did you get the cotton part that is between the rings of the filofax out when you first get it and not damage the rings? Thanks.

    1. Hi Angela, I'm not quite sure what you're referring to? x

    2. like in your domino post...http://www.paperlovestory.com/2012/05/domino-deep-pink-review.html...the third or the fourth picture down...how did you get that white stuff out of the filofax without damaging the rings?

    3. Hi Angela, I usually just cut off the cotton thing? x