3 Apr 2014

term two lecture notes

This term, I've opted not to write out every single lecture because it is just too time-consuming. As a result, my term two notes looked considerably different to my term one notes.

I am still using washi tape to highlight titles and sub-sections. For example, I have a 'handover' guide:

After each week, I summarise that week's work on a single side of A4 (sometimes, it turns into both sides of A4 if it's a week with a lot of content). This helps me look back at the week quickly and allow me to decide what to concentrate revision on because this summary helps me pinpoint what things I struggled with.

I also decided to start summarising things on A3 paper. This condenses the information and makes learning it all more manageable.

If I struggled with any lecture content, I would write the difficult bits out instead and then annotate it with scribblings that help me make sense of things.

On the actual lecture slides, I would put a sticky note at the front, referring to the clinically significant slides:

Each week, I have an anatomy session in the dissection room and we get given some anatomy sheets. I download these sheets and then stick in some pictures and diagrams that aid my learning. I then go back to these notes and highlight things that I kept forgetting.

After each tutorial, I summarised the content and broke it down into smaller chunks. Here is an example:

I am still using coloured pens as I find that colour aids my learning.

All in all, I just condensed information and summarised everything. It's easy to get bogged down in the minute detail of everything but that's not required for this course. I quickly learnt that breadth easily trumps depth on this course!

If you have any questions about these notes and how I organise them, please do leave a comment or email me and I will try my best to respond in a timely manner. However, please bear in mind that my time is severely stretched at the moment and it might take me a few days to a few weeks to answer sometimes! (Apologies to those who have already experienced this!)


  1. Love your notes! I am in the middle of a professional designation course and am having trouble with notes etc. I just purchased the ARC system from Staples (for my daily planner) and picked up a full size notebook to have for my course. I just need to get going and get organized!
    I am new to your blog... what are you taking?

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  3. Your notes are so neat! I used to write everything on my printed PPT slides and it would get real messy and confusing... I like the idea of summarizing on a separate sheet of paper!

  4. Love your notes! They inspire me to revise!