6 Apr 2014

my week #103

This is the first week of my new module and I thought it would be a good idea to schedule in a few events where I catch up with people I hadn't seen for a while due to exams at the end of the last module. This has resulted in a significant dent to my bank account and probably a few kilograms in weight gained too. Back to some running it is then...

How has your week been?


  1. Heyy Angela,, my name is Alisha...im obsessed with paper love story,, filofaxes,, and planners!! I live in a small town way at the bottom of the united stated in the state of Louisiana...i have been wanting a filofax for a really long time now,, but I don't know where to get one from...they are extremely expensive out here...do you have any suggestions?? And I just wanted to say that I love how dedicated you are to your filofax...i have gone through 4 day planners from a local store,, in the last few months because I just cannot find that one that I can get attached to and that I love!!

    1. Hi Alisha, my only suggestion would be to order one from the internet. I'm not really interested in Filofax organisers anymore (I use a Smythson one with Filofax diary refills) and am not sure what US sites there are that sell them. You could maybe try asking over at Philofaxy? Hope this helps! Angela x

  2. My week was nice in that the time that I was scheduled for meetings less than usual, so I got to spend time on my "to dos." The coming week looks much more full, but I feel better prepared!

  3. Hiya! Aggy here from insmomniac.blogspot.com love your organizer! Will be holding my own Day Runner soon and I'm so excited to start working on it. My week's been spent catching up on my blog and now I'm working on an audience. How did you start gaining followers?