1 May 2014

term two point five: university essentials

Term two was a funny one for me - we had exams in the middle of it and then term three technically started straight after that. Three weeks later, we got a ten day break before the craziness of term three restarted. Anyway, I found that I had a different set of university essentials (compared to this blog post) for this random three week period and I thought I'd share what these were. 

MT masking tape x2, Pentel Handy-line S highlighters and a Zebra Hyper Jell 0.5mm pen in blue.
First up, I love these retractable highlighters. I do believe that humans are inherently lazy (at least, that's my excuse) and pens with no caps were designed to exploit this. I'm beginning to really grow to love the Zebra Hyper Jell as the flow of ink is smooth, they make my handwriting look neat and I love how the barrel isn't too thin nor too thick.

Washi tape definitely make my revision notes (and everything else) one hundred times better. I've not used them as much this term as I did in my first term but towards the end, I started to introduce them more and more into my notes. Maybe I was just desperate to find a new way to procrastinate?

Netter's Anatomy Flashcards and my own anatomy flashcards.
Flashcards are my new favourite item to throw into my bag before heading off to uni in the mornings. The anatomy ones are so lovely that I find myself admiring the illustrations for longer than I probably should. They have proved invaluable for anatomy learning as our once-weekly sessions in the dissection room can be quite overwhelming as we cover a ridiculous amount of stuff in a ninety minutes!

This Semikolon notebook is something I carry with me everywhere. The blank pages are perfect for drawing diagrams, flow charts and mind maps; and are also great for when the lecturer shows up without copies of his slides. The navy and cream stripe print is somewhat nautical and summery and the paper is of a high quality too!

Above is an example of some lecture notes I took last term when the lecturer didn't have copies of his slides for the year. Normally, we are provided with a copy of the lecture slides but occasionally, this doesn't happen.

I wonder what term three's essentials will consist of?


  1. Yeeeeee!!!! Another scientist on filofax world! Nice to meet you!!! I thought that I was alone before ;-)

  2. Can you clear me up on these washi tapes, what exactly are they for?

    1. Hi! They can be for decoration but can also be used for more practical things too :) x