29 May 2014

what's in my bag #14

Last year, I bought a new Longchamp Le Pliage to replace my old one which was becoming a bit too battered. I purchased this one with vouchers so I paid less than £10 for it! It is easily my most used accessory so it has been worth it to use all of the vouchers I had at the time to buy it. 

Having had one in the graphite colour, I opted for the bog-standard navy one this time. They have changed the material a little - this one is a lot shinier than the graphite one I had but the fabric does feel that bit thicker and sturdier. This one was also cheaper than the graphite one I bought four years ago!

With the Le Pliage being lightweight and waterproof, I can totally understand why it is popular among university students. You can cram an awful lot into it without the whole bag and its contents becoming too heavy and it is versatile - I have used the bag on nights out too!

Anyway, without further ado, here is what was in my bag:

Top row: The Body Shop almond hand cream, a Semikolon notebook and my pencil case.
Second row: Specsavers contact lens solution, Strepsils, Burt's Bees lip balm, medical tape (in case my shoes are hurting my feet), my student ID card, Tempo pocket tissues (the best! They smell of Applewood!) and a compact hairbrush and mirror in one.
Third row: Luella purse, Cath Kidston travel card holder which has my student Oyster and railcard in, a chocolate bar and Netter's and homemade flashcards.
Bottom row: paracetamol, eye drops, my house and locker keys and my medicines pouch.

My lunch would also be in my bag (I always take leftovers from the night before as my lunch - luckily, we have a microwave in the student union that I can use), as would a bottle of water. Sometimes, I still think I carry too much to uni. On the days where I opt to wear my glasses instead of contact lenses, I take out the contact lens solution; but even so, I still feel that I don't need to carry Strepsils around with me every day. However, a sore throat can strike at any moment...! I'm all about being prepared...

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  1. Angela, that is awesome you give a view of whats in your bag. That's too cool.

    I also find it awesome that you were able to reduce the cost of the pretty bag you bought. I never find coupons like that here in the USA to reduce the cost to so low a price. There are outlets that sell normally high priced items at a half the cost but never lower. I am quite jealous but happy to know that if I move out there one day (just a thought that's been on my mind) then I can be on the lookout for such nice things. :)

    Love the post.