6 Jan 2015

review: less thingz planner

Sometimes, it's nice to try a product that's different to anything you've ever used before and that's why I decided to give the 2015 DAYZ planner by Less Thingz a chance. I'm aware of other desk diaries on the market and they all look similar - they either lie flat on the desk or are spiral bound, propped up by it's clever triangular prism shape.

Anyway, DAYZ by Less Thingz props up but does so via some clever folding but more on that later on in the post. First things first, design. The planner comes in a variety of colours and mine is dark grey with a red elastic - the red giving it that pop the minimalistic grey so desperately needs. I love how minimal the design is so far and am impressed with the quality - the grey card is very thick and the diary paper is pretty thick card too - I'd wager a guess that its at least 100gsm.

The diary comes with a card that essentially tells you, in a pictorial format, how to use the planner. It's all in German, as that's where the company is based but luckily, there's Google Translate to the rescue.

If you unfold the diary completely, it is basically several pieces of card subtly glued together and then folded at regular intervals. I have to admit that the design makes it quite fiddly to deal with - it took me quite some time before I got used to it! There is a weekly planner and also a yearly one that has all the German holidays on - not too useful for the rest of us, I guess!

The fact that there are two pieces of elastic confused me at first and it also means that one can sometimes get in the way once the planner is propped up. Maybe I'm just being dense but I can't figure out how to make it look neat!

The card is a lovely cream colour with the text in black with some red denoting the start of a new month and weekends.

I do love the concept of a foldable desk diary but having to undo the elastic on a fortnightly basis (or more often if things need to written in, in advance) would drive me crazy but we'll see how it goes. The quality is amazing - the card used is thick and takes fountain pen very well and I do like the dotted paper utilised. The font is minimalist (just how I like things) and the cream paper adds a nice, luxurious touch.

NB: Although I received these products as review samples, I have reviewed them just as I would have if I had paid for them.


  1. The design of that is great! Especially the band to keep it all together, but un-banding it for any forward planning (or every two weeks!) would get cumbersome after a while. I have a feeling I'm going to have a hard time remembering to use the wall calendar I have, and that only requires being switched once a month!

  2. Any follow up on this? I was thinking about getting it for my son, who hates planners because he thinks they are uncool. This is definitely not your ordinary planner.