8 Feb 2015

my week #147

This academic year is passing way too quickly for my liking. I also had Friday off which was nice and it allowed me to catch up on some life admin and uni work.

In terms of the planner I'm using, I love the amount of space I have. It's also lighter than my Smythson ring binder that I used last year which makes it less of a chore to lug around in my bag. The allocated time slots make planning simple and mean I can see the structure of my days with ease.

How has your week been?


  1. Hi there!
    I've religiously followed your blog for ages - as long as I can remember. I absolutely love your attention to detail and love for stationery, and it's definitely rubbed off on me! It was you who got me into washi tapes as well haha.. Utter fan girl moment here *ahem*

    But I later found out you were a Biochemistry student turned medical student, and I then realized we have a little more in common than I previously thought. Like you were, I am also a Biochemistry student, except I'm a few years behind you. And like you, it'd be my dream to study medicine. :) Thank you for all the amazing posts you've written and effort you've put into your blog! It only motivates me to do just the same on mine.

    Please have a look around? There isn't much, but it's a start!

    Lots of love, x

    1. Hi Indigo, thank you for your lovely comment! Good luck with biochemistry and hope you're successful in your wish to do medicine :) x