22 Sept 2015

introducing my Rifle Paper Co planner for 2015 - 16

On Sunday, I revealed my first week in this new planner and today, I'm going to give you a more in-depth tour of it. You can find them for sale on The Fox and Star though I'm sure they will go quickly because they are absolutely beautiful.

The cover is made of durable and thick card and has a beautiful botanical print. What would've been a nice touch is if the year could also have been printed onto the spine in the same gold font used for 2016 that you can see at the front.

Inside, there is a gold on beige floral print which offsets the colourful outer design well. The spiral binding means that I can stick in photos/stickers/washi tape without the spine taking too much of a battering (you should see my Seeso planner after only eight and a half months! Maybe I'll show that at the end of the year.).

There are various sections that are tabbed within the planner: 2016 - 2017 year planners, important dates, notes, monthly planner pages, weekly planner pages (for August 2015 - December 2016) and contacts. I'll post more about how I've used these different tabs later on in the year when it's set up properly.

The weekly layout is really different to the vertical layout I'd been using in my Seeso planner but I found that quite often, the hourly spaces were being wasted as my day doesn't really start at 6am and end at 7pm! This layout here works better for me as I can have the to-dos on one side (usually the right - you can see I tried the left on Monday the 14th but I clearly didn't like that) and my daily schedule on the other. There is plenty of space and I love how there is a quote each week. 

Finally, at the back there is a ruler and pockets and these currently hold some stickers that I use to mark out important dates.

Overall, this is one beautiful planner - the colourful cover with the minimalistic, yet chic cream paper inside contrast perfectly. As I've got older, I've become more about simplicity and quality and this planner delivers on that front. I was surprised at how well the paper took my Muji gel pens as it seems quite thin but actually, there is barely any show-through. I don't think fountain pen will fare as well though so I'll leave them for my university note-making.


  1. Such a pretty planner, makes me want to get one myself. Although I just graduated so I don't really have a need for one anymore!

    1. It is absolutely beautiful :) There's always a need for a planner! x

  2. That is a beautiful planner! Can't wait to see more throughout the year!

    1. It is - I can't stop staring at it when it's closed on my desk hehe x