28 Jan 2016

my study week #8 : usmle step 2 notes

Now, I'm not thinking of taking the USMLE anytime soon - just want to set that straight - but I find their various revision books really useful. They condense everything and though it may not all be applicable to medical practice in the UK, I have used them as a springboard for this academic year. Therefore, these notes were all taken in April - June of 2015. Having already come across the majority of topics within the book I used (Master the Boards Step 2 by Kaplan), it felt much more like light revision than a heavy study session. And this was what I was aiming for.

These notes will ultimately be re-written and edited according to UK guidelines so they are just rough notes! And just to warn you, it's mainly all pictures from now! I may do an updated post of how these were re-written if I have time :)


  1. Wish my notes were that neat! Kudos!

    May I ask what paper you used for them? :)

    1. Hiya, the ones with the blue margins are from WH Smith and the ones with red margins are from Oxford paper :) x