31 Jan 2016

my week #198

What a difference nine months can make! Nine months ago and on my first surgical placement as a medical student, I really didn't enjoy it. Fast forward to now and having done a week on plastic surgery (ironically the same one from last year), I'm seriously considering a career in the surgical field. The surgeons have really got me involved in theatre and the fact that surgical ward rounds are super brief and short are another positive.

Funny how things change! I mean, I'm still not loving the 7:30am starts and late finishes but compromises!

How has your week been?


  1. Glad to hear you're enjoying surgery! Hubby's first day of official training in general surgery is today - am super proud (but also tired, as I'm now commuting 2 hours each way to my own job! Like you said, compromises!)

    1. Definitely all about compromises. Surgery is great though I'm not sure general surgery is the route I'd go down personally ;) Hope both yourself and your hubby are settling in ok! x

  2. What diary is this? It's so pretty!