23 Feb 2016

in search of the perfect blue-black ink #3: diamine twilight

The third ink in this series in my quest for my perfect blue-black ink. In all honesty, I'm not quite sure what kind of blue-black shade I'm looking for but I'm searching on the pretence that I'll know once I find it. My gut feeling for most things in life is pretty accurate so I'll carry that onto this ink quest.

Previously tried blue-black inks: Platinum blue-black cartridges and Pelikan Edelstein Tanzanite.

And how the ink looks in my notes:

Twilight is a shade that I actually quite like (despite its name) but I'm not quite sure it's my perfect shade of blue-black. 


  1. I love this color omg. It's similar to the google color fonts that I super duper enjoy using all the time!! Thanks for the review~

    1. It's a lovely colour! I really like it but it just wasn't blue-black enough and just a bit too green! x

  2. What pen have you used here?