2 Aug 2016

my first Lamy Al-Star (in blue green)

I'm a big Lamy fan and have been lusting after a Lamy Al-Star in blue green for ages. When I finally got my hands on one, it didn't disappoint... Until now. More on that later.

Initial Thoughts

Lovely colour, especially when combined with the aluminium barrel. It is fairly lightweight though obviously heavier than a Safari. It was definitely love at first sight.


The Lamy Al Star is pretty much the same design as a Safari but just made of aluminium instead of plastic. As a fan of the Safari, this Al-Star was bound to appeal to me too :)

I won't be commenting on the nib or ink flow as it's pretty much the same as the Safaris in my collection :)

However, having now had it for a fair few months' and with it mostly on my desk, a few scratches have already appeared on the lid and on the barrel. I knew this would probably happen, what with it being made of aluminium but I didn't expect it to happen so soon and so under the radar too. The pen is stored on the top drawer of an acrylic set of drawers with other pens in parallel.

Overall, I'm still glad I've scratched (pun intended) that Al-Star itch but I don't think this'll be a pen I'll be purchasing again in a hurry :)


  1. I have this pen in the purple shade :) Although the idea of using aluminium seems like good idea, I have a feeling that the coat of colour doesn't adhere to it very well.

  2. I have 2 al-stars, one in purple and one in silver, and my purple one is definitely more scratched than my silver one. I like that they feel a little heavier and more sturdy in my hand than my safaris.