4 Aug 2016

my whittard of chelsea obsession

This year, I've really embraced having a hot drink before bed and what better drink than hot chocolate? I thought I'd treat myself to some Whittard's Salted Caramel hot chocolate and it has done a good job of knocking me out at night! Within this order, I decided to throw in some Dreamtime tea and a caddy of White Chocolate flavoured white tea. Whittard is a bit too expensive for my student budget though so this is was a one-time treat but I can definitely see myself setting aside a 'tea fund' in my future salary*!

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate
Creamy, thick and tasty - the perfect blend for a bedtime drink. I can definitely make out the caramel flavour but the saltiness is really subtle.

Dreamtime Tea
The tin says there are 'flavours of honey, apricot and vanilla' to this tea and I can agree with the first two but the vanilla note must be extremely subtle or my palate is probably just not that refined :) Nevertheless, it tastes sweet but not to a sickly extent (provided you only add two teaspoons instead of the recommended three) and coupled with a bit of meditation before bed, it is a great recipe for sweet dreams. At least, it was for me :)

White Chocolate Flavoured White Tea
This is my first foray into loose leaf tea and I wasn't disappointed. I'm not a big drinker of milky tea and tend to gravitate more towards green tea but on this occasion, pushed the boat out to a white tea. It smells amazing and it doesn't taste too bad either. I'm not sure I'm convinced enough to replenish this tea once finished but isn't the caddy just adorable?!

*by future, I mean in thirty years' time as a junior doctor doesn't earn much here in the UK. Before you all think I'll be raking it in...


  1. The white chocolate tea looks intriguing!

    You need to watch out for their sales, especially the January sale. They sell a big box of nine different hot chocolates at Christmas and I always manage to get one half-price in the January sales.

  2. I have never saw this brand in Brazil, I don't think they sell it here. Looks beautiful!

  3. If you ever find yourself near Oxford or in Cheshire, visit the outlet stores at Bicester and Cheshire Oaks!

  4. I love the dream time tea... I also have a weakness for their mulled wine tea though..... I have to avoid whittards due to the danger of me buying the whole shop...

  5. Thank you for sharing omg! I've been looking for tea lately and these look amazing!!

  6. P.S. You should really check out The Bluebird Tea Co. They have just opened a branch where I live and they are luring me away from Whittards. They had a limited edition hot cross bun tea out at Easter and it was exactly like drinking a hot cross bun!