7 Aug 2016

my week #225

I spent this week forgetting about medicine and it was great. After a long, hard academic year, it was actually quite nice to forget about exams, stress and hectic nature of medicine. Instead, I caught up with friends and there was a lot of laughter involved during it all.

On Tuesday, I saw Finding Dory and I'd highly recommend it. Even though my friend and I were probably one of the few without kids at the cinema, it was a great film filled with laughter and also a few life lessons applicable to most, if not all, of us.

On Friday, I tried out Homeslice in Covent Garden for the first time (a friend recommended it back in February) and it was amazing. Not gluten free so don't tell my doctor but it was worth it. The flavours were on point, the thin crust was crunchy and the service was decent. The only thing was the music was a bit too loud for us to hear each other but considering we had to wait forty minutes for a table, we used that time to catch up instead.

How has your week been?

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  1. I loved Finding Dory!! Your planner always looks so nice and organized. Mine is always so hectic and messy... but it works!