30 Nov 2016

my study week #18: adding colour and making things visual

When revising, I like to write things down and keep things visual. Here are some notes from last year's exam period :)

As you can see, I like to use copious colour and also like to try and order things in a systematic way - be it into boxes or a timeline.

These notes are in a Muji A5 plain notebook and the pens used include a Pilot Kakuno in fine, Zebra Mildliners, Muji gel pens, Staedtler Lumocolor Fineliners and Lamy Safari Fountain pen in EF.


  1. I love adding color to my bullet journal. I used mildliners, Staelers and Tombow brush pens in my journal.

    Nereyda│ Nick & Nereyda’s Infinite Booklist

  2. I love one thing of your handrwiting, of course it is very neat and symmetrical, but what I like the most is that you changing it based on the occasion. I have this tendency too, i like to write in italic, various types of cursive and staccato based on the mood of the moment and occasion.

    While taking notes I might use a cursive with a lot of inclination and Ms that look like Ws and Ns that look like Us. This left me a lot confused on what my real handwriting is, since I spent so much time of my life perfecting it (yes, I meditate on this things -.-'), so I am super happy that I am not the only one with this personal inclination :)

    Thank you for sharing