16 Nov 2016

winky lux smoke and roses eyeshadow palette

For a long time, I never saw the point in make-up but about nine months' back, I started wearing CC cream and saw how much of a difference it made. On the days I can be bothered and when I'm going out in the evening, I make much more of an effort but to different degrees. Some days, light coverage is enough and on other days, I need something heavier. Because of this new obsession of mine, I'm going to talk a bit more about make-up and beauty products I've been using in future blog posts and I hope that's ok with you all. This is a lifestyle blog and I'm just branching out a bit more and sharing the love for some products I'm really fond of.

Today: I want to share how much I love the Winky Lux Smoke and Roses Eyeshadow Palette. I actually acquired this back in September but it's seen quite a lot of use since then (though the photos were taken when I first got the palette). The box it came in is absolutely adorable and the case itself is beautiful too.

Inside, there are five shades of eyeshadow and from left to right, they are called: Powder, Bubbly, 500 Roses, Burn It Down and 4am. Here is a brief description of each:

Powder - a gold, shimmery shadow;
Bubbly - a lovely, shimmery, rose gold;
500 Roses - a lovely girly pink with a hint of purple;
Burn It Down - a copper colour with specks of shimmer and;
4am - a smoky black, not dissimilar to how a smudged kohl pencil would look.

When used with an eyeshadow primer, these shadows can last a good nine hours (trust me, I put it on at 4pm one afternoon and finally removed my make up at 2am when I got home, it was still as good as fresh!). The eyeshadow primer I like to use is just a basic NYX one but it does the job and the affordable price makes it a 'holy grail' product for me :)

I've tried to swatch each of them above from left to right but you can barely see 'powder' - it really is a fine gold colour when on the lids. They aren't the most pigmented but I like this about them! It means they are good for daywear and can be built up for evenings/nights out :)


  1. This palette is lovely! Like you I never used much make up. It is something that requires too much preparation. Why spend time in the morning when I can sleep in, do yoga or just meditate? But at night and special occasions I am all in for make up. I love a lot the naked 2 palette :).

    I like that they don't look as shimmery since I have slightly hooded eyes and have to use a "cut crease" make up that works better with mat colors.

    I am wondering if I can find this in Italy... I will search a bit on the Internet.

    Have a great day!


    1. It truly is beautiful :-) I tend to use this one for evenings and nights out because it's a bit too glam and shimmery for daytime use! I prefer more nude colours during the day :) Hope you managed to track it down! I got mine from ASOS if that helps x