21 Dec 2016

mossery part I: the planner

Beautiful stationery is something that'll always be my Achilles so when Mossery popped up on my radar, I was intrigued. Mossery are based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and are a relatively young brand (five years old!). They promise high quality, sustainability and creativity. Spoiler alert: they certainly deliver on their promises! 

Let's start at the beginning: the packaging.

My planner and notebook arrived in a beautiful green coloured box (which I've since re-used to store old notebooks and trinkets) and each notebook was in a cornflower blue packet too. Included in the package were four postcards with inspirational quotes.

Today, I'm going to concentrate on the planner. I chose the one with a fox print (because: foxes) and had my first name and my other initials engraved on the front in a cursive font. The planner came with a fox print bookmark, a Mossery business card and a little pamphlet about how to use the planner to its full potential.

At the front, there are some cute illustrations of the earth and some famous icons through past centuries. This is followed up by pages of inspiration boards where you can jot down anything you want and these pages culminate in a 'where do I see myself in 1/3/5 years' and a 'values/beliefs' spread.

The planner section itself is beautiful and also very functional. There is a view of how the next two years look and then a page where you can revisit your 2016 highlights with a space set aside for a 2017 plan.

The monthly pages are quite standard in layout and for the weekly pages, I opted for a vertical layout. In hindsight, I should've perhaps went for a horizontal one as my current Moleskine layout suits me very well. At the back, there is a pocket to hide all your loose bits and pieces (something I am most grateful for as I always have a few bits floating about!).

In terms of paper quality, you'd be ok with a biro or a drier gel pen but fountain pen doesn't seem to do very well. I tried out my Pilot Kakuno (which works fine in my Moleskine) but it bleeds and shows through a bit more in my Mossery planner. This is unfortunate as the planner is otherwise perfect to me so I think it'll be used more as a skincare diary (something which I have been keeping electronically this year but am looking to doing in paper form in 2017!). That's not the say the paper isn't of high quality - it is, it is very thick and feels luxurious.

Stay tuned for Mossery part II where I talk more about the notebook :)

How do you like the look of Mossery so far?

**although these items were supplied free of charge from Mossery, I have reviewed them as if I had paid for them and as honestly as possible.


  1. How nice! How do you do with the skincare-journal? Sounds interesting :D

  2. looks lovely, shame the paper can't take liquid-based ink!