29 Dec 2016

mossery part II: the notebook

Last week, I talked about a Mossery planner and this week, I have a notebook from Mossery to gush about. On the outside, the notebook looks just like the planner with it's card cover and elastic to keep it together. I opted for the 'sans serif' script for my name this time, as you can see below, which adds a nice, personal touch to an already cute notebook.

The first few pages are also extremely similar as they are designed for goal planning, self-reflection and for just jotting down anything you want!

The actual notebook section consists of ruled paper and the quality is exactly the same as the planner I talked about last week. Whilst not ideal for fountain pen, biros and pencil should be ok. There are 160 pages to this notebook - plenty for most things! At the back, there are not one but two pockets for you to store all your loose bits and pieces.

Overall, Mossery is a company which offers extremely pretty paper goods of a high quality. By offering customisation, I think their products would make ideal gifts for someone who is a stationery fiend. And wouldn't it be great to support a small, friendly business? :)

**although these items were supplied free of charge from Mossery, I have reviewed them as if I had paid for them and as honestly as possible. Thank you to Xin Wei for affording me this opportunity to review these Mossery products :)

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