22 Jun 2017

preparing for life after university: feat. a rhodia notebook

Now that my time as a student is definitely coming to an end in just over a month, it felt like a good time to start some proper future planning. What better place to plan for the future than a Rhodia notebook?

In it, it features things related to housing (from mortgages to the basic furnishings required for a flat/house) to lists of simple meals for a packed lunch or an easy dinner when shattered after a day of work. Each list has an estimated cost too so that I can see how much I'd need to save for a fully furnished property. Cue selling of all unwanted/barely used items on eBay...!

In a bid to be more grown up, I made a custom budget spreadsheet on Microsoft Excel. I've over-estimated all outgoings to try and account for as little surprise as possible. Whilst I've accounted for a mortgage, etc, that's how much I expect to pay for rent anyway so it is still equally applicable even if I were not to buy a property so soon. The total outgoings is a little scary and, if I'm honest, I'm not even sure if my salary will cover it all... This'll mean that I have to potentially have to cut down on non-essential spends. I'm going to see how things go over the first two months before reassessing my budget.

So this is my attempt at adulting, a little later than planned! Though there is still a lot to learn, this'll hopefully get me off on the right foot :) 

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