13 Jun 2017

what's in my bag #20 - elective edition

The hospital I'm doing my elective at didn't give me a locker or anywhere safe to put my bag and coat so I've taken to packing non-valuable items only, carrying anything of value on my person. As a result, here is what I end up packing on a daily basis:

From top left, clockwise: toothbrush, toothpaste and flannel, two small bags, a tote bag, a book for the journey, my ID card, an umbrella, my glasses, a 1L bottle of water and my travel card holder.
During week two of my elective, I left my bag in the changing room in an unlocked locker (as the electronic locks are dodgy and I was advised to not use them) with the above belongings. There is nothing of value to anyone else in there (the travel card and my ID were in my scrub pockets) and yet someone rifled through my bag and took my phone charger (out of all things). I came back to find my bag open with all of my belongings in disarray. It's awful to have this happen - I felt so violated after!

Not seen in the photo above is my lunchbox which sits within a cool bag. As for what's in the other two bags, see below!

From top left, clockwise: Paul and Joe make up bag, Benefit Dandelion blusher, feminine hygiene pieces, a face brush, some crackers, eye drops, contact lens case, Bobbi Brown face powder.
In this bag, I have a few beauty essentials. My contact lens stuff are in here along with some make up. I have a random packet of crackers just in case I need some sustenance in between surgeries/during a brief break.

Not shown are some painkillers just in case.

From top left, clockwise: Paul and Joe make up bag, facial tissues, my keys, a ginger sweet, some mints, Burt's Bees lip balm, Nuxe hand cream, a few pens, phone charger cable.
This small bag has some other essentials in too. It used to be my pencil case but it now holds some other stuff in it too. This is another phone charger cable that replaced my stolen one. Hand cream is something I always carry now due to the constant alcohol gelling and hand washing.

Do you adapt your bags to certain situations, i.e. knowing that there isn't a safe place to put your stuff? Looking at how much I pack on a daily basis, it's made me think more ruthlessly about what I really need and not need every day.


  1. Just finished "My Cousin Rachel" and want to read "Rebecca" - how do you like it so far?
    Also, am curious what kind of purse you use to hold every thing? :-) Would love to see pics of that!

    I was told to be careful with my purse at work since I sit in a cubicle but I have yet (thankfully) had any issues so therefore, I've OVER packed including laptop, Filofax, huge wallet, coloured pens, textbooks, etc. (I work full time, go to school at night full time, and intern on weekends - it's insane.)

    1. Rebecca is a really good book! I've reviewed it in a future blog post (can't remember when it'll go live) but I would definitely recommend it if you like thrillers such as books by Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl, Sharp Objects, Dark Places, etc) :)

      I'm just using a large Longchamp shopper at the moment as it's lightweight enough for me to carry a load in it :) Nothing too fancy! I'm very wary of packing any valuables at all now - all cards go on my lanyard and my phone is always on my person. I don't carry cash and don't carry anything else of value just in case. It's sad we have to be this way xx