30 Aug 2017

too many lists: regularly visiting my various to-do lists

I'm very good at writing lists: '30 before 30', '100 things in a year' and '101 things in 1001 days' are just a few I have all simultaneously on the go.

There is quite a few overlap with some goals present on all three lists and some present on two of them. There are also some unique ones which are year specific or a bigger goal which may take longer to achieve (and thus, went on the '30 before 30' list). So how I keep all these lists in check to make sure I tick off as many as possible?

Every few months or whenever I know I have a few weeks spare, I sit down with them all and write a separate list, taking out the goals I can achieve in the next few days or weeks. For instance, in the picture below, I had quite a few weeks off this summer before work started and so amalgamated the goals I thought were possible in this timeframe. The list you see below is before the summer started and now that summer has come to an abrupt end (work started a few weeks ago!), I'll go back to my original lists and tick off what has been accomplished and what will, sadly, have to wait.

Though it seems like a lot of hassle to have several lists on the go, I'm a fiend for ticking things off/crossing things out. The sense of achievement is too great and as long as I have the time, it is likely lists will continue to be made :)

What list challenges do you currently do and how often do you revisit them?

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