12 Sept 2018

introducing: the lamy al-star 2017 limited edition pacific blue fountain pen in extra fine

Lamy come out with limited edition Safaris and Al-Stars on a yearly basis and I try and only purchase the colours I like. The one I regret missing out on is the Copper Orange Al-Star and with 2017 drawing to a close at the time of this Pacific Blue's purchase, I knew I had to do it before all stock disappeared forever.

The Pacific Blue is a lovely bright blue which reminds me of the Caribbean, despite never having been there. It is cheerful and makes writing a pleasure.

As always, I plumped for the extra fine nib and writes more like a Western fine. However, that's to be expected with Lamy and their unpredictable extra fine and fine nib offerings.

This year's limited edition Safari just does not appeal to me and I have already reviewed this year's Al -Star in Vibrant Pink. I wonder what the 2019 colours will be...?

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