9 Jan 2019

introducing the: parker duofold centenniel big red fountain pen (the modern version)

This Parker Duofold fountain pen was a gift from my parents. It was bought while we were in Hong Kong and I have since used it for sentimental things such as writing letters to loved ones or journaling (I sometimes see journaling as a sentimental act as I am writing down my deepest thoughts).

I hope this fountain pen will be one that I end up keeping in good nick for decades as it will remind me of my parents in a good way. It was bought during a Hong Kong trip where loose ends were tied up and where different memories were made. Hong Kong trips are usually a family affair in this household but this trip, back in February, was different for many reasons. This pen was picked out by myself and it will forever tug at my heart each time I look at it.

The 'big red' has existed for decades and was a flagship Parker pen for a while. I had been on the lookout for a vintage one but decided the piston-filler mechanism would make for difficult maintenance in the years to come. This is why I opted for this cartridge/converter offering.

Look at that lovely and large 18K two-tone nib! I actually sent it to Parker's factory to have the nib swapped out to an extra fine (though the fine one is still shown here). In hindsight, I should have perhaps gone for the extra, extra fine but the extra fine writes well enough. It is smooth, writes with no skipping and maintains excellent ink flow.

The end of the cap has a lovely spade and the word 'Duofold' under it.

A writing sample can be seen below - trust me when I say that it is a lovely pen to have in hand.

Overall, this pen is a treasured one within my collection for many reasons. Parker pens have a good reputation and this Duofold definitely lives up to my expectations. It is definitely more of an commemorative pen for me than an 'everyday carry' but that's why it was bought. Do you have a Parker Duofold or is it one on your wishlist?

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