2 Jan 2019

the studying never stops!

As a doctor, the studying continues through specialist courses, online modules, study days, simulation days... the list is endless. I also want to do a masters in the near future so I would be the last person to moan about the amount of constant study required in this profession!

Late last year, I started studying for one specialist course, perhaps a bit too eagerly. The notes are most likely overkill but for me, if I don't write something down, I just won't remember it. And having not blogged about studying for a while, it felt like a good time to show off these notes :)

As expected, there is colour in abundance, post-it notes and washi tape. Most of it was written with a Parker 51 inked with Pure Pens Windermere, accented by Zebra Mildliners and Pilot Juice gel pens.

Most of it is in bullet points or diagrams or tables to try and condense the information into memorable chunks. I have also gone back to using flashcards while revising for specialty exams and they seem to work well for me (which is ironic as I did not find them all that great during medical school!). 

All in all, I find fountain pens and having materials you love using can make studying all bit more fun (if we can ever call studying fun!).

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