28 Jul 2010

how my finchley rose is organised: part 1

I am going to start from the left to the right in terms of how I have organised my filofax.

Upon opening my filo, the first thing you will see are the business card insert to the right and the six card slots on the left. On the card slots, I have my National Insurance number card (everyone in the UK gets one as soon as they turn sixteen years of age...an age I have left behind for many years now for those who are curious), an organ donor card in case anything happens as my filo is always with me (morbid, but a fact of life that no one can predict the future and what will happen next), my NHS medical record card which has my NHS number on and finally, some gift vouchers from the charity shop I volunteer in every week.

I keep these things there because they are part of my identity and if I ever need them, they are on hand. The fact I had these things with me actually came in handy when I was filling in a registration form for a dentistry practice and needed my NHS number.

Next, the business card insert. This actually came with my Finsbury Raspberry Personal filofax but it has become so indespensible that I've transferred to my everyday filo. In the slots, I have the business card of my landlord (the white business card of which I have smudged all the details as I do not need people stalking me, not that I'm that interesting a person anyway...), two Luella cards which came with purses I bought from them and in case I ever want to sell those purses so I can guarantee authenticity and also some leaflet stickers and post it notes cut into halves.

The leaflet notes come in handy when I need to bookmark something in my filo for the next use or if I need to refer back and forth. The post it notes come in handy when I need to write something as a to do for a certain week, but have no space left. (This will become clear in part 2).

Next, is a London underground tube map. As a student in London, I may end up venturing into the east of London, of where I have no knowledge of! So this map comes in handy. As you can see, I made use of my personal filofax hole punch as this map is free from any underground station! Of course I'm not going to pay for an insert such as the London underground when it will most probably expand and change on a yearly basis with stations not in use, under reconstruction, etc. Or should that be construction? What on earth they are doing with Blackfriars station I will never know...

Finally, to conclude the first part of how my filo is organised, one of my clear plastic wallets. I have inserted a cutting I found in the Waitrose weekly paper which was to do with getting the ideal beach body. Even though I'm not planning on going on holiday this summer, I would like to become more toned seeing as I will not be playing sport as regularly as I did for these three months as I would do if I were to still be at university/in London.

So, this is just a glimsp (no idea how you spell that word!) into how I have arranged my filo. Part two coming soon...

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