27 Jul 2010

An Introduction

Hello :)

Somehow, you've stumbled upon my blog where the main topics will be shopping and fashion, as well as something called a Filofax.

Firstly, I'll introduce myself. I'm currently studying biochemistry at Imperial College and my timetable is pretty hectic with the workload heavy. Therefore, I need to be at my most organised in order to profit from the little time I have available to me. This is how my Filofax comes into play. Now, I don't have one Filofax...nor do I have two, but I have four! Well, four when my newly ordered ones come. I will be justifying this choice in another blog post, don't worry!

Secondly, for those who don't know, I love shopping and clothes. I like to study trends and how I can incorporate them into my current wardrobe. However, I am more of a classic dresser than a trend follower though occasionally, I do fully incorporate a trend. A few seasons back, there was the 'nude' colour trend which I loved so much, I still have plenty of 'nude' items in my wardrobe which I still wear now. This is how the classic dresser in me comes in. I wear what I think looks feminine, yet comfortable but also fashionable. Hard to illustrate this without pictures though and currently, I have none! My Filofax also helps here in that it helps me figure out what's currently in my wardrobe and it's also where I jot down outfit ideas for the coming week or according to weather, i.e. snow or heavy rain.

Finally, let me introduce you to my Filofax which is currently in use. It is a Finchley Vintage Rose which I got quite cheap, but new, off eBay. I pretty much love it; it lies flat, the leather is supple and it does exactly what I want it to do.

This is all I have to say for now. Expect the next post to either be Filofax related or fashion related :)

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