30 Jul 2010

how my finchley rose is organised: part 2a

So far, you've seen part one of how I've organised my filo. And honestly speaking, it was nothing interesting, yes? Well, here's part two, which I hope will be of much more interest to anyone who reads my blog.

Now, as you can see, I have used my leaflet stickets as mini tabs down the right hand side of my notes section. I actually got inspired by Gala Darling with this idea so I take no credit for this, except hers looks so much better than what mine do! But it will do for now until I can be bothered to be more creative with the tabs. Currently, I have eleven mini tabs but this will go down when my new filo comes as that will be my 'home' filo so a lot of the stuff can be transferred. Anyway, let me introduce my tabs to you:
  • To do list
  • Lists in general (Let me tell you, I looooooove making lists...)
  • Survey records (more on this in a bit)
  • Chinese
  • Finance Stuff
  • Blog stuff
  • London stuff
  • Next year's stuff
  • Intern, work experience, career 
  • Recipies
  • Biochemistry course information
Firstly: the to do list. I know there is a proper tab I can use for this but I feel to give a main tab of its own to only a few sheets of paper is silly and a waste of space, hence the mini tab.

Lists in general... well that kinda says it all really! I love making lists. Lists of things I want, lists of jars of sauces and cooking ingredients I have in my cupboard, lists of places I want to go to, a bucket list...anything!

My survey record is the mini tab that gets used on a daily basis. I do surveys for money online and I record what I did that day, what the survey code was, how much it was for and for which survey site. This way, I know my time doing those surveys wasn't wasted and I can chase them up if necessary.

The Chinese tab has a bit of history to it. Basically, my parents are both from Hong Kong (but I was born in Scotland!) and so my Chinese has a lot to be desired. I can speak Cantonese fluently and I can understand it fluently, however, my reading and writing are only at about 70% so I'm trying to make this 100%. I am also self teaching myself Mandarin Chinese though this method and I'm at about 40% fluency in Mandarin so far. As the Chinese say, 加油! Or, add oil which is kinda the English equivilant of 'Come on' or 'Keep going'.

Next, my finance tab. This is where I keep a record of how much I have spent, where and if I have any money coming in. I find this useful as sometimes, when it comes to checking my bank accounts via online banking, I sometimes forget where the money has gone and the codes the banks use for online banking can be hard to decipher.

Onto the blog tab which is pretty much self explanatory. Ideas for blog posts, ideas for a new layout, etc.

The London tab is useful as during term time, I'm in central London every single day. I have lists of places I want to see, useful numbers for taxi firms as well as other info which I might need while in London. Come to think of it, it might be a good idea to transfer my London underground map into this tab...

The next year tab is for where I'll be living next year. Here, we only get guaranteed university accomodation for the first year of study so next year I have had to find my own flat with friends. This means we will be moving into a different area to where we were last year (as last year, I was in Paddington and the daily commute into university for lectures meant walking through Hyde Park... but don't envy me for this as I was punished via hay fever in the summer!!). This tab has information for the new area, numbers of gas suppliers, etc.

My intern/work experience/career tab is basically a 'looking into the future' tab as I have no idea what I want to do after university. It looks like it is heading towards a Masters right now, but it's still good to explore career opportunities and the like.

Recipes are new things I want to try next year. I was pretty much conservative in what I cooked last year (i.e. low salt, low fat, yada yada) and next year I want to be a bit more adventurous with my palate.

And finally, the biochem course info. This is information including second year modules, third year option modules and other related information. Exam info also goes under here and sometimes, comments about lecturers I dislike!


  1. Just found this lovely blog. I am a huge fan of Filofaxes and I love to see how other users organised their Filofaxes. Thanks for this entry!

    Oh and by the way: My Filofax is also a Finchley (in red) :)

  2. Thanks for your comment, Izzie :) Always nice to see a new face around to share Filofax ideas with!

    And of course, the best Filofax owners are Finchley owners ;)