17 Nov 2010

shopping ban update!

Well, it's been three and a half months (more than a quarter of my way through this ban!) and it's gone pretty well; if I do say so myself (cue a proud face). I've not actually had an urge to spend money on clothes even though I've still been browsing shopping sites and if I do feel a slight urge to whip out that credit card, I immediately start thinking to myself "is this coat/dress/top/pair of trousers/skirt/pair of shoes/bag (delete as appropriate) really worth breaking the ban for?" and usually the answer is a big, fat, resounding NO. And I'd like things to stay this way, thanks.

It also helps than in my Filofax, I have a sticky note on the 'Today' ruler saying (oh so very imaginative) "No shopping allowed" and to be honest, I will probably keep that there for longer than this shopping ban goes on for because... I love the feeling of having money! Thank goodness for my Filofax and the Today ruler :)

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