2 Nov 2010

start of my vegetarian month...

I have decided to do a month where I go vegetarian which means under no circumstances am I allowed to consume meat in any shape or form. Note that I said vegetarian, not vegan which means I am still allowed to eat eggs, cheese, etc. With this month bound to be a difficult one for me, I will be turning to my filofax like it is a lifesaving buoy while I am trying not to drown from starvation. A weird analogy I know, but it's the best I've got!

As I am not allowed to eat meat for this month, I wrote down a list of protein containing foods, as well as iron containing foods which are vital for the well being and health of a woman (I can now call myself a woman as I am no longer a teenager!).

The meat substitutes I have so far found are: quorn, baked beans (forgot their real name! Starts with a 'c'?), nuts, eggs, fish, tofu (yummmm), soya beans and lentils. If anyone has anymore suggestions, please do do do comment! I want to eat a variety of foods this month, not churn the same meals out over and over again. I am also a fond lover of stew or a casserole in the winter months so any suggestions for what I can replace the beef with? I am thinking maybe lentils or chickpeas but still undecided.

High iron foods include brocolli, spinach and eggs and I don't really know what else... With regards to eggs, I will only be eating a maximum of two a week due to some things I have read about eating too much eggs. I'm not sure if it's true but I'm not willing to take a chance!

With this in mind, I have to be super organised with weekly meal plans and this is where my filofax comes in. On each day of this month, I will be pencilling in the protein containing ingredient I will be using for that night's dinner. I'm pretty much a health freak and last year, I cooked every single meal and when I didn't, it would be for an ocassion such as someone's birthday or something.

To aid my determination to complete a meat free month, I also have a food diary going. I have been recording what I've been eating since the 10th of August this year and I will continue to do so. My main reason for doing this diary was to see where I could save a bit on my weekly shop and also see what aspects of my diet were going wrong (maybe eating a cookie for lunch was not such a good idea due to my constant snacking in the afternoon after...). I also any unusual goings on with my body that may affect weight gain or a feeling of being bloated.

My Food Diary.
The beauty of being at home is that I can eat whatever the hell I want for breakfast!
And lunch - as you can see!


  1. I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian, some days almost vegan. I eat very few (read:no) eggs these days, and very little cheese (although I LOVE the stuff). But the main reason I'm not vegan is Greek yogurt! And it is a good source of protein.

    Wonder food: kale!

    I don't know if you'd be interested in checking out my Flickr Food! set for menu ideas, but since you're starting out and looking for references, maybe it can be of some use.


  2. I will definitely bookmark your food set for a browse when I get back from my afternoon lectures, Ro :)

    I will make sure I have a nosey as I'm finding it hard to make something a bit different every night!

  3. So how is your Vegetarian-For-A-Month going?