5 Dec 2010

2011 inserts; got yours yet?

Without meaning to sound boastful... but I have mine and have had them since April 2010! I know, I am so eager (or organised? Or unwise? Wishing I had heard of Quo Vidas then as I really want to try some of their inserts).

These are my 2011 inserts - cotton cream, week on two pages, and boy, am I excited to use them. The space for each day is so big - perfect for term time when I'm rushed off my feet doing one thing or another! I've put a quote in the 'this week' box to try and motivate myself. I am not sure if this will work but you never know until you try, right?

What are your inserts of choice? Feel free to mention even if they aren't Filofax inserts - I'm always on the lookout for other brand inserts which also fit in a personal sized filofax ;)


  1. oh they are nice... i like the "this week" box. what's the lines you've coloured in? i've got the plain old filofax week on 2 pages insert. i've seen kate spade inserts that are very pretty, the mulberry ones fit pocket/personal and are also nice though kind of expensive.


  2. i went with the two days per page inserts for 2011. i have never used them before. i was looking for something that gave me more room to doodle and decorate. i almost went with the one page per day but hated the fact that they were all lined.

  3. I love the cotton cream though I haven't used that in some time ... I ordered the 2011 daytimer flavia portable size (equals filofax personal size) month on 2 pages, week on 2 pages, and day on one page. Some filofax personal a week on 2 pages came my way so now am torn with indecision! I like the filofax unlined boxes but ...!

  4. Oh I love the Kate Spade ones that you speak of - Alannarama! If only I have some spare cash right now, but with it being Christmas and time to buy presents, I don't :(

    Colie - let me know how the two days per page goes. I'm quite tempted by them myself as a way of using them as a schedule AND as a journal.

    Aspiretobe337604 - I had a look at the daytimer inserts and I'm afraid they are not to my style. Something about them just doesn't make me go 'wow' but do let me know how you get on with them as I may change my mind if I see them 'in work', (cannot think of a better phrase right now). I love the cotton cream inserts by Filofax, however, I wish they would do a lined version of the week on 2 pages; it starts to get messy when there are no lines present (for me anyway)!

  5. I used to use a lined notepaper sheet in the middle of each week for random notes and stuff to do - i found the lines showed through the diary pages enough to keep writing neat - could try that?

  6. I adore the cotton cream paper. It takes fountain pen ink so beautifully. My format is the week-to-two-pages ... I almost never mix it up, buying the same style and format every year.

  7. Yes, I have to agree with you about the fountain pen and cotton cream paper :)

    And oooh, Alannarama - I may actually try that now that you mention it! That is a fantastic idea!