19 Dec 2010

Culmination of Term One

And what a hectic one at that! A test and two lab reports due in for the last week of term, yep, that is exactly how my university chose to wish us second years a 'merry christmas'. Several of my friends pulled all nighters in order to finish the lab reports on time - something I don't quite understand as I had them done and dusted in just under twelve hours in total?! Maybe I'm just a machine... I'll leave that for you readers to speculate.

As it is, it is six days until Christmas day and I'm feeling extremely festive. Having had a few Christmas dinners of late, not to mention present exchanges and also the snow (more on that later), I'm ready for Christmas 2011! I've never felt more like a kid (and I'm definitely not a kid anymore by age) yet all I want to do is mess around like one. I know this isn't possible, however, as I have two exams as soon as the second term begins (boo!).

Anyhow, these pictures were taken a few weeks back. The first one is of the view from my window from my parents' house. I came home for the weekend on a Friday night and upon waking up on the Saturday morning, this was the sight before my eyes as I drew my curtains

And getting back to London on the Sunday afternoon was hell. My train was delayed by an hour so by the time I got back to my place, it was all dark - but no snow.

Obviously, I spoke too soon as in fact there was snow. This was the view outside my window in my place in London:

Can't say I liked it as I can fall over easily when there is no snow (I'm really quite clumsy, if I have to be honest) but with this gracing the pavements; well, that was a definite hazard. Needless to say, for the few days we had of snow, I lived in my Ugg boots and thick winter coat if I had to go out.

I left London on Thursday morning to come home for the holidays and there was not a snowflake in sight, however, I am told that on Friday, there has been a lot of snow with six inches being the figure I was quoted from a friend! Not sure if that is a reliable figure though as well, as with most things, I have to see it to believe it.

With that, I will conclude this post with a MERRY CHRISTMAS. I hope your Christmas hasn't been spoilt too much by the snow if you're travelling and I will post again in due course (provided revision goes well...)

(Also, apologies for the picture quality - they were taken on my phone which has, quite possibly, the worst camera known to man.


  1. Merry Christmas to you, don't fall over or break any bones and have a Happy New Year! :-)

  2. I wish we had snow where I live! But then again, maybe I do because I've never been delayed nor have slipped because of it :P

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Alex, you definitely don't want snow! Out of curiosity, where are you from? Snow has caused my friends at uni so many problems; from not being able to fly home to being stranded at a totally random train station - not good! Merry Christmas and a happy new year, also!

    CP - Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you too :-) Hope the snow isn't too bad where you are!