2 Dec 2010

is a filofax the ideal christmas present?

In my eye, it is. Here are my reasons:

  • There will be a model which suits everyone - from the Metropol for vegetarians who want something with a leather feel but without being real leather; to the Classic which is, a classic.
  • There is a wide variation in the price range, from uber expensive to the very much affordable.
  • Different models have different colours! Something to suit everyone, surely.
  • The ring mechanism means that it can be personalised to how one wishes. Reading the various blog posts around the internet say it all; everyone has a different set up.
  • It can be re-used time and time again; all that it needs are new inserts once a year.
  • The Filofax is a practical gift that will never go out of fashion, despite the continuing emergence of more and more smartphones (which aren't guaranteed to not break down, unlike a Filofax).

As if these reasons aren't enough, Filofax do a Beauty Box which makes an ideal Christmas gift!

This is pretty much the perfect present for me... The Domino in snake (already have a pink Finchley, thanks, can only have so much pink in my life) and the pen with the built in atomiser! Genius. Seriously. I honestly wish I had invented that.

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