13 Mar 2011

my handwriting

Laurie from Plannerisms did a post here about handwriting and I thought I would also give it a go! (Procrastination at it's finest as I have other pressing things to do...!)

Firstly, the pen I used:

It is just the bog standard Muji gel pen with a 0.5mm nib and in a blue colour. I love these gel pens and I use them in lectures as they glide so smoothly over paper!

And now, my handwriting:


  1. I think your writing is beautiful! Oh for the days when I used to be able to write like that ;-)

  2. CP- unfortunately my handwriting changes with mood/pen/paper I use! This was me on a good day with my favourite type of pen - a Muji 0.5mm gel. (Although I'm loving the Pentel Energel's my mum bought me from Hong Kong!).

    Have to say though, I prefer your handwriting as it is so much more grown up and sophisticated! Hope you're well :]